Standard of Performance


Here at Iresa, one of our key values is a passion for our customers, that’s why we would like to make a promise to you:

We promise we will conduct our business in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional manner, with customer satisfaction our highest priority.


So, to show you that we’re serious on delivering on our promise, we are providing you with information on how we’re doing in our day to day operations.


Each quarter, we will provide you with a monthly view of our call waiting times. Where you have contacted us by email, we will provide how quickly we’ve responded¬†and how quickly we’ve been able to resolve your enquiry.


Quarter 2: 2018April%May%June%
Average Call Waiting Times (in minutes)15.953.32.1
Number of Email Queries (per month)936568505428
Received Response within 5 Working Days888995%603188%5120*94%
Resolved within 10 Working Days562560%444065%3733*69%
Resolved after 10 Working Days281930%145621%323*6%

* The June figures will be refreshed at the end of July to reflect queries raised at the end of June, but resolved within the relevant timescales in July.


So, if we can resolve you query within 5 working days, we will attempt to do so. However, where we have to request additional information from you or a third party, it may take a little longer.


If you disagree with the above promise, feel that we are failing to meet our own standards, have any suggestions about how we may better meet or improve on these standards, please contact us at: