Our Company

Who are Iresa?

Right now, you’re probably thinking that Iresa is just another energy company on the market.

Let us prove you wrong

Iresa are an Independent Online Energy Supplier based in Nottingham founded by Director Adeniyi Oladeji. Iresa was created because Adeniyi wanted to do something different. He believed that by designing his own proprietary technology Iresa could reduce the operational cost of their energy supply and pass the savings down to customers.

Did you know that the people who pay the highest amount for their energy are the poorest?

Young professionals living away from home with a high exposure of technology are paying the same as the average household yet receiving a much lower income

Adeniyi wanted to address this by introducing tariffs to the energy market that would account for the differences between high and low energy users.

If you’re looking for an energy supplier who will offer you competitive rates with quality supply and great service, Iresa are the ones for you.

You are probably thinking that Iresa is just another energy company on the energy market but we are hoping that we can  prove you wrong and show you that there is something that makes us unique.


Our Values


At Iresa what you see is what you get. We don’t hide behind small print or crazy amounts of jargon and we don’t bamboozle our customers. We promise to always be as honest and transparent as possible about your energy supply and do our best to answers any queries or questions you have in a timely manner.

Passionate about our customers and people

Iresa was created with a protocol revolving around the customers. We focus on what matters the most to you which is price and quality. We treat our staff well, so they work hard for us and in turn they do what’s best for our customers.

Measure success through sustainable customer satisfaction and energy affordability

We’re one of the fastest growing energy companies in the UK and are constantly taking steps to improve our company and customer service processes. We are committed to growing and evolving however we can to ensure we are always meeting the needs of our customers.