Our Company

You are probably thinking that Iresa is just another energy company on the energy market but we are hoping that we can  prove you wrong and show you that there is something that makes us unique.

Our values at Iresa are some of the things which defines us. Iresa’s core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Passionate about our customers and people
  • Measure success through sustainable customer satisfaction and energy affordability

Iresa Limited was started because the Director Adeniyi Oladeji had the passion to build something special and different to what he had been doing previously along with his partner O.T.

One day Adeniyi had a eureka moment where he realised that the average customers are paying more for their energy than the average direct debit customer and also that energy companies are operational companies. Do you know that the people who pay the highest amount for their energy are the poorest? Adeniyi did, therefore he thought to himself

                “Why not come up with a technology that will reduce the operational cost and pass it down to the customers”

Furthermore, another segment of interest was low energy consuming customers. These are the customers that only consume about 70% of energy consumed by average UK households. Using the publicly available data, the energy consumed by an average household is 12500kWh of gas and 3100 kWh of electricity. When they profiled this market segment, it was discovered that the majority of people in this category were youth with a high exposure of technology. These young people are usually professionals, single and usually living away from home. The current pricing methodology by the competition did not account for these differences between high and low energy consumer in which Iresa Limited intended to do.

At this stage you are probably wondering just how exactly he was going to do that. The mission was to create our own proprietary technology instead of paying a third party for their operations which really just means the technology will be worked on then built and therefore will save money with the hopes of passing it down to the customers. Adeniyi wanted the customers to save their money and have some extra pounds in their pockets for other uses than just energy.

You see, Iresa was created with a protocol revolving around the customers.  Our aim at Iresa is to focus on the main thing that matters to our customers which is price and quality. There are no third parties involved in the companies operation (except when required by regulation) which means that what you see at Iresa is what you get and the rationale behind starting Iresa will always remain the same. Iresa will provide you with what you need for less money along with good service quality.