Frequently Asked Questions


How do I switch to Iresa?

All you have to do is just sign up online and we will manage the rest for you.  We will contact your current supplier and cancel your supply contract with them and switch your supply to us. We aim to complete the switching process within 35 days. Alternatively, if you are currently an Iresa customer OR just moving to a property currently supplied by Iresa, you will be up and running within 2 working days.

The Switch Process

  • Day 1: Your order is submitted online.
  • Day 1 – Day 14: Cooling off period. This is in line with the Consumer Contracts Regulations for online orders. At this point you can cancel your order and the process of switching is terminated. This can be done online or on phone.
  • Day 15: Initiate Transfer: Your energy switching request is sent to the energy market to commence the transfer process.
  • Day 18: First Direct Debit Payment  will be taken from your account in Advance.
  • Day 27 – 30: Supply Start Date and Submission of first Meter Readings.

How long will it take to switch?

We will begin to supply the energy from the date we inform you which will usually be within 21 days of the end of your cooling off period. However there may be other factors which may result in our supply starting at a later date such as:

  1. You request and we agree to start supply to your property at a later date
  2. Your previous supplier prevents us from taking over the supply
  3. You do something that prevents us from taking over the supply, for example not providing us with all the information we need from you
  4. We cannot supply your energy for some other reason beyond our reasonable control (for e.g. we cannot make a connection to your property).

What do I do when I am moving homes?

If you are moving or selling your house your contract will end on the date that you move out if you tell us at least 2 working days before the day you move. If you do not do this, your contract will continue until 2 working days after you tell us you no longer own or occupy the property or when another person begins to own or occupy the property and takes an energy supply at the property. You will be responsible for the supply until the date on which the contract ends. If you do not have a smart or prepayment meter, you must also give us a final meter reading on the day that you move out. This will be used to calculate your final bill, which we will send to you within 6 weeks of the end of your contract.

I have a smart meter, can I still switch my supply?

If a smart meter has been installed by a previous supplier we will treat it as a traditional credit meter until such time as we notify you that we are able to utilise its smart functionality.

Once we are able to utilise the smart functionality we will be able to take meter readings, diagnose any technical problems, update your meter and monitor your energy use (to the level we are legally allowed to, or you consent to), without visiting your property.  We will use those readings for billing purposes.

I am currently in a contract, will I get charged by my previous supplier to switch to you?

In accordance with Ofgem regulations, suppliers must send you notice about your plan’s upcoming end date 42 – 49 days before the end of your plan . This allows time to find and switch to a new plan before you’re rolled on to your supplier’s “standard” plan, which is often much more expensive.

Once you receive this letter, you are free to switch without penalty, even if the plan carries early exit fees (cancellation fees).

You have not asked me for my current supplier details, how do you know who my supplier is?

 Providing details of your current supplier is optional. We will use the national database supply information about your property to ascertain who your current supplier is and contact them electronically on Day 15 of the switching process. Please note that this electronic contact process is by the agreed market flow exchange process (not email). We will request the switch over of your supply address using the supply numbers(MPAN/MPRN). We do not have direct access to your account with your current supplier (for data protection reasons) and the final closure of the account will be handled by your current supplier. We will send you confirmation once we have requested the transfer of supply.

Why am I paying you and my old supplier before my switch is complete?

For credit customers, the first payment taken from your account by direct debit is an advance payment (see item 4.6 of our terms and conditions). This payment is taken before we start supplying you to keep your account in credit. Some suppliers take payments in arrears, and therefore in some cases your last payment with your old supplier will coincide with your first advance payment with us thereby resulting in double payment.

Meter Readings

How can I submit my meter readings?

You can submit your meter readings on your  online account, click on meter readings, submit Reading button and provide the information requested.

When do you want my meter readings ?

You are required to submit your first meter readings on your supply start date, so that your billing consumption can start off correctly.  The start of your supply date will be communicated to you by email. Subsequent meter readings are required once a month. We will send out a reminder by email every month.

Why can’t I see my meter readings online ?

Your meter readings have to go through a validation process before you can see them online. Rest assured, we will endeavor  to have your meter readings viewable online as soon as possible.

My meter has many digits, I don’t know what to submit.

Standard Meters:

  • Submit all the digits to the left of the decimal point
  • If your meter has two sections, one in red and the other in black, submit only the ones in black(usually on the left)
  • If your meter has large print readout and a smaller print readout, please submit only the large print(usually on the left)

Economy 7:

Your readout will usually have two different readings marked Rate 1, Rate 2 or otherwise. If you are not sure which of the readings is DAY and which is NIGHT, please conduct a kettle test

  • Take a set of meter readings.
  • Fill a kettle and boil the water
  • Take another set of readings.

The reading that has increased/changed is the DAY rate and the other is the NIGHT rate.  Submit only the digits to the left of the decimal point.

Smart Meters:

At the moment, we do not support smart meters as we are unable to take readings remotely. We hope to do so in future. However,  if you have switched to us and you already  have a smart meter, the instructions to read your smart meter will be provided by your previous supplier. Remember to take the readings directly from the Meter itself not the smart home display supplied with most smart meters.


When do you take the direct debit from my account?

We will process the Direct Debit payment for each month of supply on the 20th day of the month (or the following working day where the 20th is a non working day).

How do I know how much will be taken out of my account every month?

By signing up to pay through direct debit, that means You agree to pay us by Direct Debit in an agreed fixed amount in advance each month, calculated to cover your supply over the year and to keep your account in credit at all times.

When do you take my first direct debit out of my account?

In relation to the first month of supply(or part month) we will request the Direct Debit payment in the agreed amount 3 working days after the end of your 14 days cooling off period

My Account

How can I cancel my account?

You have 14 days from the day you accepted this contract to cancel the contract. You can find the cancellation form and guidance from in your order confirmation email OR you can call our customer service team to inform them you’ve changed your mind. The number to call is 01157270982

Is there an exit fee?

It all depends on the type of contract you have therefore it will be stated in your order confirmation email that we send to you. You will also find this information on the tariff you select from the quotes page.

What does my account balance mean?

Your account balance shows how much you have left in your account.


If your account balance is positive, it is a credit balance (CR) which implies that you have accrued some money from your regular payments. This will usually happen if your current consumption is lower (especially in summer) than the fixed amount you pay every month. This will also help to keep your account in credit for the winter months when your consumption increases. We will pay you 4.5% (spread over 12 months) interest on your credit balance every month. If your credit balance is consistently far more than your consumption level, you can call us to review your monthly payments.


If your account balance is negative, it is a debit balance (DR) which implies that you are currently consuming more than your regular payment. This will usually happen in the winter months. If your account  balance is consistently in debit, you can call us to increase your monthly payments.

Why can I not access my online account when I have set it up?

Whilst in the cooling off period of 14 days you are unable to access your account after this you will be able to.

Billing and Tariffs

How do you work out my fixed payment amount ?

First we calculate your consumption charge by multiplying the unit rate by the annual consumption you provide.

  • Consumption Charge = Unit rate * AnnualConsumption

Then we calculate the standing charge by multiplying the daily rate by the average number of days in a year (365)

  • Standing Charge = Daily rate * 365 days

The Consumption Charge is then added to the Standing Charge to give a total charge before tax

  • Total Charge before Tax = Consumption Charge + Standing Charge

After this, we apply the tax at a rate of 5% to get the VAT Tax.

  • VAT Tax = 5% * Total Charge before Tax

Finally we add the total before tax to the VAT Tax to get the Total Charge after tax.

  • Total after Tax = Total Charge before Tax + VAT Tax.

This amount is the value in the Estimated Annual Cost for the  tariff

For the monthly cost, we divide the Estimated Annual Cost by 12.

  • Monthly Cost = Estimated Annual Cost/ 12

Why do you use multipliers for my consumption calculation ?

There are a wide variety of meters installed in different homes across the United Kingdom. Each meter has a specified unit for the reading it shows. The most commonly used ones are KWH, M3 and FT3. Electricity readings are usually in KWH while Gas readings are commonly read in units of M3 and FT3. Like most energy suppliers, Iresa has adopted the KWH as the unified billing unit for all valid readings submitted for billing purposes. It is therefore important to convert from the base unit of the meter to KWH.

Suppliers are required to maintain a calorific value between a legal limit of  38MJ/m3 to 41MJ/m3 (see We use a calorific value based on your region as provided by National Grid.

  • Correction Factor for Temperature and Pressure = 1.02264
  • Divisor Factor for KWh Conversion = 3.6
  • Multiplier to convert from FT3 to M3 = 2.83

Conversion from from FT3 to KWH

  • Multiplier = 2.83* (38MJ/m3 to 41MJ/m3) * 1.02264 /3.6 = (30.5485 to 32.9602)

Conversion from from M3 to KWH

  • Multiplier = (38MJ/m3 to  41MJ/m3) * 1.02264 /3.6 = (10.7945 to 11.6467)

To bill you for consumption we will calculate the difference between two validated meter readings and multiply this value by the multiplier of the base unit.

Explain my bill.

Your bill will be generated on the 10th working day of every month. The period covered will be the 1st day of the previous month to the last day of the previous month. The billing period for your first bill will be from date your account was created (to cover your first advance payment) up to the last day of the billing period.

PAYMENTS: This is the total amount paid within the billing period. If you have a dual fuel account, this amount will be shared between the two accounts.

CHARGES:  This is the total amount of energy you have consumed based on the last valid meter reading found in the billing period.

CLOSING BALANCE: This is how much you have left in your account on the date mentioned on the bill after deducting charges from the payments you have made. Your closing balance is carried over to the next month. If your balance is positive, then you are in CREDIT and you don’t have to do anything. If your balance is negative, then you have consumed more than what your regular payments can cater for. You may wish to make an additional payment to bring your account back into credit or ask that your fixed payments be reviewed to a higher amount.

Since CLOSING BALANCE is usually in the past, it will be different from the CURRENT ACCOUNT BALANCE.


My Meter

I do not have a prepayment card, what should I do?

Please go to the nearest paypoint and they will provide you with a gas card for top up.

When you have topped up the card, take it to your meter to transfer the credit.