Complaints Procedure

To achieve our goal of customer satisfaction, it is important for you to understand our complaints procedure.

What constitutes a complaint?

At Iresa we regard a complaint as when a customer or his/her representative contacts us because they are dissatisfied with any part of our services.

Kindly note that before you can tag your query as complaint you need to have exhausted stage 1 option of our procedure.

Our policy, as well as our terms and conditions, does not recognise mass actions or joint complaints.

How to make a complaint:

Whether you are a single fuel or dual fuel customer, the procedure below is applicable.

Stage 1 – Email us or enter your queries in your online account

As an online business, we look forward to receiving your query from your Iresa online account, or you may choose to send your query via email to Our digital team will then attend to the email and call you for clarification if need be. Hence, we request that you include your phone number in any email you are forwarding to us, as well as your customer ID.

Our customer service agents will try their best to resolve your issues within two working days after receiving your query. However, for matters that require input from other departments, they may need to escalate the issue to the appropriate person or specialised team to handle.

We expect that such escalated issues be addressed within 5 working days, depending on the nature of the query. However, there are some queries that depend on our technical agents, like IGT issues; such matters may take 30 calendar days to be resolved.

Another way to contact us is by writing to the address below:

Iresa Limited
The Quadrant Business Centre
Nuart Road

Remember to include your name, customer ID, contact phone number, email address and full house address. We will try to contact you by phone or email within 10 working days to resolve your issues.

Alternatively, you may want to call our customer service agent’s lines if you do not receive response to your mail within five working days. The lines are open from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. The number is 0115 727 0982.

All calls are recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. Our customer services agents have been trained to demonstrate an utmost level of professionalism and respect for our esteemed customers.

Iresa’s business plan is structured to be an online business, hence we do not record queries or complaints made face-to-face.

Issues that cannot be resolved with our Service level agreement (SLA) period should be escalated to Stage 2 of our complaints procedure.

Stage 2 – Escalate to Our Complaints Team

Apart from the customer service executive team, we have a specialised team that handles complaints in stage 2. Customers are advised to send all queries that have exceeded the SLA in Stage 1 above to the complaint team via the email . Issues that are not resolved to your satisfaction can also be sent to the complaint team.

You can also write to the Head of Complaint Team, providing your name, customer ID (account number) and/or full address with the details of the issue in question. Kindly specify clearly on the letter that it is a complaint issue.

Stage 3 - Ombudsman and Citizen Advice Contact

There are times when we cannot reach an agreeable resolution with you for one reason or another. If we have been unable to resolve your issue within the 8 weeks of when you first raised the issue or you receive a deadlock letter from us, you may be able to contact Ombudsman Services. However, you must do this within 12 months from the date you first complained to us.

The Ombudsman Energy Service is a free and independent body that investigates complaints between the customers and their energy suppliers. Ombudsman is structured in a way that your complaints are handled in an unbiased manner and the outcome of the review is shared among the parties.

The outcome of their investigation may require us to give explanation. They may ask us to apologise or pay you compensation. An Ombudsman decision is binding on us as an energy supplier.

The contact details are below:

The Ombudsman Services: Energy
Phone: 0330 440 1624 or 01925 530263

Independent help and advice is also available at any stage from the Citizen’s Advice consumer service.

Citizens Advice Consumer Service: Citizens advice offers all sorts of free and independent advice to consumers, including energy users.

Their contact is

Citizens Advice,

3rd Floor North,

200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD

Phone: 03454 04 05 06

 Send an email using their energy query form.