Complaints Procedure

At Iresa, our main objective is to deliver the best service to our customers. Not only is our main goal to reduce the energy cost for all our customers but it's also to make sure that we deliver exceptional services to them too.


If you're on this page, that means something has not worked out the way we expected it to and for that we truly apologise; however please contact us and our team at Iresa will try to resolve your issue as soon as we can.

To make a complaint, please email us on:
You are also able to make a complaint from your Iresa account online.

or write to: Iresa Limited
The Quadrant Business Centre
Nuart Road

You can also call us on: 0115 7270982

We are open Monday - Friday : 8am to 6pm

Our team will attend to your complaint and try to get it resolved for you straight away. To make it easier for our team to get to the root of the issue quicker, when you call please make sure that you can provide your account number, name and address.  However, in the case that the issue cannot be resolved quickly, our team member will provide you with a complaint reference number.

What happens next:

At this stage, our member will record your complaint along with your reference number. We will fully investigate the issue and keep you informed on our process and findings.

Time scale:

In the incident that we are unable to solve your problem immediately, we will try to resolve the problem within 8 weeks.

What happens if we are unable to resolve the issue within 8 weeks?

If we have been unable to resolve your issue within the 8 weeks or you receive a deadlock letter from us you may be able to contact Ombudsman Services. However you must do this within 12 months from the date you first complained to the company.

Ombudsman Energy Services is a free and independent body that investigates complaints between the customers and their energy suppliers. You can complain using a form provided on:
or call on : 0330 4401624